Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Woke up at 11:11 am today and made the biggest wish 🙂
It’s so nice to start the day right!

Read the first message in the morning ^_^

Found out that my mama already read my first post and her comments are always larger than words :’)

“Ticks” is what she calls me. It’s short for “Tickles” or “Tickling” because I am impossibly skinny despite my appetite 😉

As if my day isn’t getting any better, Myka, yes the aforementioned person in my first post recommended my blog!!!!

She’s not the only person who has included Sugarcoatedscribbles in their blog roll. Apparently, I got the first tweet reply in the morning from my friend I’ve known since we’re in diapers, Phyllis saying she has linked my blog too. All the way from Miami biyatch!! 🙂

I am so, so happy I have  the coolest support system. I didn’t expect anyone to notice my blog when it’s not even 24 hours old haha!
So anyway, I am 10 minutes away from my alarm and I’m trying really hard to make this post quick.  5 minutes let’s do this!!

&& I am SO psyched it’s the LAST DAY OF DUTY for third year second semester!
Thanks everyone for even bothering to read this and for visiting my blog.
I’ll keep you on track this time. Bye for now!

Much love,

P.S. please vote for HIM! calling all my Xavier University/Ateneo de Cagayan friends to participate the school’s wide election 🙂

3 Responses to “Pocket Full Of Sunshine”

  1. ayeeee… butterflies in my stomach…
    first thing in the morning and the sweetness’s aroma
    is making people smile… ❤

    of course, full support jud.. (:

    anyway, goodluck with the last duty… 😀

    miss you~
    a'ryt, it's my turn to sleep..



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