Where words fail, MUSIC speaks

Blog title is quoted from Hans Christian Anderson 🙂

Just got home from my epic duty. Tonight, I will share my end of the month playlist brought to you by the most up to date person I have known in the world, kuya Jepoi Lazaro [get to know him by clicking his name] 🙂

  1. Alesha Dixon – Radio
  2. Avril Lavigne – What The Hell
  3. Cody Simpson – All Day
  4. Colbie Caillat -I Do
  5. David Archuleta – Elevator
  6. Diddy – Loving You No More (feat. Drake)
  7. Elise Estrada – Lipstick
  8. Jana Kramer – I Won’t Give Up
  9. Jennifer Hudson – Where U At
  10. Jessie J – Price Tag (feat. B.O.B)
  11. JLS – Eyes Wide Shut
  12. Ke$ha – Sleazy (feat. Andre 3000)
  13. Maroon 5 – Never Gonna Leave This Bed
  14. Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow (feat. Lil Wayne)

These songs are just some of  the most played but  I’ve put on repeat Diddy’s Loving You No More featuring Drake.
Also, you should listen to  “Best Love Song” by Chris Brown and T-Pain 😉

And if you don’t know this girl, you don’t know jack!

Yep, I listen to Nicki Minaj‘s songs everyday but still can’t get enough!
I recommend her Pink Friday album to be included in your iPod.
I don’t know how she does it but this girl is a monster baby!!

If you’re about to sleep like I do, listen to her Dear Old Nicki while you shut your peepers and let the night take you away.

Enjoy! 🙂

Bonne nuit mes amis.
Tomorrow is a big day! (and it’s the start of my weekend already)



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