à lèvres: Lippies and Other Drugs

Admit it. A tube of lipstick/gloss is always a guilty pleasure for every girl.
I am nervous and excited about my first ever beauty-make up blog post but let’s get this on.

I’m lucky enough to have Ninez as one of my best friends because apart from having bangs in common, (*wink wink!) our love for lippies kind of brings us closer.
Why don’t you guys click this (thanks nezi for giving this link to me) to know the Chicest, Most Flattering Red Lipsticks for Fall? 🙂

I’ve been saving bucks for MAC’s Venomous Villain Collection. It’s to die for!


I told you it’s  lippie lust!

So since I’m not actually a trust fund baby, you could only count with your fingers the MAC tubes that I own.

There are still lippies that are nice and affordable like this lip concealer/nude from Etude House. I started using this because my cousin, Nicole introduced it to me.

You can actually wear it in many ways! 🙂

It’s best to use it as a base before you put your lip color. It actually makes the shade last long 🙂

ME on nude.

I don’t usually wear dark colors unless I go out to party because my typical school look is always with a heavy eyeliner. So I have to keep my lips simple to match my strong eyes or else I’ll look like a stripper in a nursing uniform. HAHA kidding!

My everyday lippie is Maybelline‘s Watershine Pure P24

It’s simple and chic plus I have my Watermelon ‘N Cream Lipsmacker (Vanilla Creams series) as base so I can actually have flavored lips! HAHA

During occasions, I use Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush: Strawberry Fields. It’s color red and lasts really long plus it’s very yummy! 🙂
I have my H&M lipgloss go with it but it already doesn’t really need a base.

Mine’s so overused you can’t actually read it or can barely make out the words HAHA

Lastly, I’m gonna show you my most favorite lipstick.
Lancome’s Color Design All Done Up Cream. It lasts 24 hours and doesn’t even fade even if you’re eating or brushing your teeth! (I swear!).
It looks good with Lancome’s Juicy Tube lipgloss too.

That’s not actually the color so I had to take a picture of my own tube 🙂

So there you go guys! 🙂 I would like to hear your lippie suggestions.
Thanks so much for reading. Comments are highly appreciated! 😉

Happy Sunday!

much love,

2 Comments to “à lèvres: Lippies and Other Drugs”

  1. haha. enjoyed it. how much is the lip concealer from etude house nga?

    nag-online shopping man gud ko sa ellana minerals. nice siya nic. 🙂

    and i’m gonna buy Maybelline‘s Watershine Pure P24. 🙂 thanks for the tip.

  2. gurl, you mentioned the etude house one to me before right?
    haha, i forgot to buy one..
    and yeah, guilty pleasure nga…

    How about Ever Bilena LOVE THAT RED matte lipstick? it’s also good for night outs… (:
    also, Mary Kay Pink Coral, and Mary Kay Pink Melon. The Mary Kay lipsticks are soft. And no need to use lip gloss na. ^^

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