Embracing Discipline :)

Hi everyone! ت It’s 2 am and I wish that I was sleeping. You’re in my head like a song on the radio ♬ ♬
Haha! I’m kidding! This is my first post using my wordpress app on my phone. I am so happy that I can blog anytime, anywhere!

So yeah, this is gonna be really random because (a) I’m in the middle of my Myasthenia Gravis digestion [in my brain] haha (b) it’s already 2am and I’ve got a nursing care seminar later at 8. I don’t like it when I don’t get my 8hr-sleep 😦
(c) I have a headache that can absolutely detach my brain from my skull [which I had since yesterday] and (d) I’ve had enough caffeine to make me really exaggerated in euphoria.

Thanks to my cousin, Kyle for bringing Caramel frap for me! ♥
We had my favorite hazelnut Loacker go with it ツ

I’m gonna be really busy this weekend because of my proposal hearing this Monday. So no SERIOUS blogging for me yet. My looks are even delayed for lookbook! Well, I can’t wait til I can sit infront of my lappy and do my pending posts.
For now I’m just gonna enjoy wordpress on my phone.ت

I have to say adieu now!
Don’t forget to be awesome!
Good night!




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