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March 20, 2011

Minnie Muse β™₯

Last March 15, 2011 ate Anne and baby Milo Soabas arrived from Vienna and gave my cousins and I goodies. I got this Minnie Mouses divided tee by H&M along with my fave Milka chocolates πŸ™‚

I’ve been seeing a lot of mouse stuff in fashion from Weheartit, Tumblr, lookbook, Polyvore, Fashionlista and o lot more fashion/blog/social sites πŸ™‚
Headbands, rings, tees, the disney character doesn’t seem to grow old.Β So I made a compilation of looks and on how to mix and match at the same time be stylish with your Minnie/Mickey Mouse garments.

By the way, Forever 21 has their own collection of Minnie Muse too



Will post my own looks soon!


March 20, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection: More Than Makeup

As if MAC’s Venomous Villain’s Collection isn’t enough, they are now releasing a Wonder Woman collection for Spring/Summer 2011. So for the love of fashion, beauty and make-up, let me share you guys another wonderful set of brilliance brought to you by MAC cosmetics πŸ™‚

The 33-piece themed collection for eyes, face and nails comes with colorful limited edition comic book packaging. In addition to makeup, it contains seriously snazzy accessories like makeup bags, brush bags and even a MAC Wonder Woman T.

Eye Quad in Defiance

Eye Quad in Lady Justice

From the left: Oplulash Mascaras in Army of Amazons, Black, Themyscira and Victorious; Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack

Lipsticks from the left: Heroine, Marquise d’, Russian Red and Spitfire

Lipglasses from the left: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity and Athena’s Kiss

Mineralize Skinfinishes in Golden Lariat on the left and Pink Power on the right

Powder Blush Duo in Amazon Princess on the left and Mighty Aphrodite on the right

Clockwise from the upper left: Pigment in Bright Fuchsia, Pigment in Marine Ultra, Reflects Glitter in Reflects Pearl and Reflects Glitter in Reflects Bronze

Nail Lacquer in Obey Me on the left and Spirit of Truth on the right

Bulletproof Blue Makeup Bag

Red Makeup Bag

Utility Belt Set with the Face Brushes

Utility Belt Set with the Eye Brushes


So here’s the full product listing:

Lipsticks, $15.50 each

  • Marquise d’ β€” a sandy cream peach lustre
  • Russian Red β€” an intense bluish-red matte
  • Spitfire β€” a bright creamy magenta satin
  • Heroine β€” a bronzy brown frost

Lipglasses, $19.50 each

  • Emancipation β€” a pale neutral pink
  • Wonder Woman β€” a bright red with soft pearl
  • Athena’s Kiss β€” a bright bluish fuchsia
  • Secret Identity β€” a mid-one copper with soft pearl

Opulash, $15 each

  • Victorious β€” purple
  • Army of Amazons β€” green
  • Themyscira β€” blue
  • Black β€” black

Penultimate Eye Liner, $18.50

  • Rapidblack β€” a true black

Nail Lacquer, $14 each

  • Obey Me β€” a true red
  • Spirit of Truth β€” a navy blue

Lash, $14

  • 48 β€” a pair of false lashes

Eye Quad, $40 each

  • Defiance β€” powder eyeshadows in Defiance (an iridescent white pink with a pearl finish), Paradise Island (a soft warm pink with satin finish), Star Studded (a mid-tone violet pink with a satin finish) and Real Drama (a dark burgundy with pink pearl and a satin finish)
  • Lady Justice β€” powder shadows in Lady Justice (a bright silver with white pearl and a frosty finish), Insurmountable (a dirty blueish grey with a pearl finish), Bold Babe (a deep metal blue with white pearl and a frost finish) and Deep Truth (a true dark blue with a frost finish)
  • Valiant β€” powder shadows in Valiant (a light lime with yellowish pearl and a frost finish), Spinning Transformation (a deep olive bronze with yellowish pearl), Diana Undercover (a dark forest green with a satin finish) and Manila Paper (a pale frosty white gold with a pearl finish)

Reflects Glitter, $21 each

  • Reflects Pearl β€” a white glitter with pearl sheen
  • Reflects Bronze β€” a sparkling rich gold

Pigment, $21

  • Bright Fuchsia β€” a bright magenta
  • Marine Ultra β€” a vivid marine blue

Powder Blush Duo, $24 each

  • Mighty Aphrodite β€” a warm peachy coral with golden pearl and a satin finish on one side and a bright coral pink with golden pearl and a frosty finish on the other
  • Amazon Princess β€” a bright yellowish pink with a satin finish and a deep bluish pink with golden pearl and a satin finish

Mineralize Skinfinish, $35 each

  • Pink Power β€” a trio of three pressed powders in peachy rose with pink shimmer, a soft rosy bronze and a soft shell pink
  • Golden Lariat β€” a trio of three pressed powders in a true coral with fine golden shimmer, a soft suntanned bronze and a soft gold with fin shimmer

Makeup Bags, $30 each

  • Red Makeup Bag β€” a zipped makeup bag with a shiny red finish
  • Bulletproof Blue Makeup Bag β€” a zipped makeup bag with a shiny blue finish

Utility Belt Sets, $49.50 each

  • Eye Brush Set β€” a golden brush bag with the 224SE, 213 SE and the 194 SE eye brushes
  • Face Brush set β€” a golden brush bag with the 129SE, 109SE and the 190SE face brushes

MAC Wonder Woman T, $25 each

  • Small, Medium and Large

Are your eyes tearing up? Yes, mine too. MAC’s more expensive than any other make-up brands but it sure does have an excellent quality.