We’re only young once. Break the rules, get caught, and make it count ;)

When we think of Holy Week, it gives us a lot of options. It’s the week where some will reflect on their lives, the successes and failures, the ups and downs, good times and bad. Some will simply go out and celebrate in ways to forget all the burdens they face at this time. In our moments of solitude and rest, my cousins and I decided to do all the choices above but not forgetting what Holy Week is about —we go down to our knees that we may stand walk toward that one place HE wants us to be.

At 2am, Good Friday, we were all set to one of the most important journeys of our lives —BANTAYAN ISLAND, just us cousins, and a couple of good friends with no elders around. It definitely is something we’ve been looking forward for so long. We took a bus on our way to Hagnaya and then rode a barge to get at Sta. Fe, one of the towns in Bantayan Island.

We were lucky enough to rent a room at the house of my cousin’s friend.  Every resort was fullybooked and this trip wasn’t planned until days before the Holy Week so it’s too late for us to reserve rooms. Fortunately, this one we got was more than what we could ask for. It’s a couple of blocks away from our first destination, Sugar Beach and we’re thankful that we have somewhere to sleep and to put our luggage  J Surely, Sugar Beach and the rest of the scenery proves one thing: it’s a mini Boracay. Like everyone who’s been here says.

Of course, I was so excited. I’ve been sporting these unused bikinis from the time we settled.

Although it’s different this year because all kinds of programs (like bikini show or something) are banned, it’s okay for us because we came here to rest and to be basically on the beach. I could not wait to walk on the shore, sip piña colada, swim on the clear water and get sand on my bikini. I’m feeling so good I could almost taste it. When we arrived, we were able to rent a tent, and choose a nice spot to start the day 🙂

the bracelet we should wear so that the guards and beach staff can identify us 🙂

What is beach without henna tattoos? 😉

The night came and the beach and us were inseparable. So we decided to go nearer the shore (not really near since they have this fence that separate us from the games held) and did a little bonfire and camped & we fell asleep on our tent and woke up at 6 then head back to our room to take a shower and prepare for our second day.

And so, we went to Sta. Fe Beach Club/Ogtong Cave (for free! Thank you Engr. Figurasyon! ) and enjoyed the cave, their beach, and tasted the BEST ever siomai and siopao. The nice thing about being here is that you can just bike around. And we had our bikes for free too! Going from the house to the cave, to sugar beach then back to the cave again and then finally settled back in our tent at sugar beach.

My 3day-trip felt like a week and it may not be enough, but I really had fun. I made new acquaintances, been at a different place (something to add on my list of travel), and been at my most favorite place in the world —beach. Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don’t be the person who has to look back and wonder what they would’ve or could’ve had.

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