Holding A Heart ♥

Before my phone’s internet service expires, I’m just gonna do a quick post about the Vampire Diaries.

Yes, call me outdated, I admit I just watched the last two episodes today since we don’t have internet at home for 2 months already. Thanks to my lovie, Essa who gave me a copy (as well as the copies of other series I’ve been watching) I’ve been crying non stop since the time I arrived from school.

As a music buff, I’ve always wanted TVD’s soundtrack since season 1. Thanks to the man behind it, @cmollere (follow him on twitter! NOW!) keeps me updated with the songs and I don’t have a hard time looking for the titles.

Right now, I’m going to share with you the list of songs on episodes 21 and 22 (thank God for screencaps) via Chris Mollere’s twitter.

As you can see, there is only one song on ep 21. That’s the song during John’s and Jenna’s funeral which made me bawl. It started playing when Elena’s reading John’s letter for her (which kept me from bawling until I couldn’t breathe anymore. CHOS!)

I cannot wait for season 3. Julie Plec, TVD’s writer (follower her on twitter @julieplec) says that TVD is scheduled to be back on fall but no exact date yet.

Gotta bounce you guys! I still have to catch up w/ Nikita, PLL, and Hellcats. It’s gonna be a long day for me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. χσχσ

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