One brilliant author. One amusement park. Two musicals. Three heroes. Seven books. Eight films. Millions of fans. A lifetime of memories. Harry Potter.

Okay, flashback 10 years ago when I first laid my hands on the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book. I was in 4th grade and God knows what my age was. After reading it and seen the first movie, I knew that I will become a HUGE and shameless Harry Potter fan. I have read all the books from the very first line until the

All was well.

Finally, we’re on the last countdown 😦
A week before the movie came out in the Philippines (which was yesterday) my cousins and friends and I already made reservations for our VERY FIRST iMax experience for the last HP film. It was costly but it was definitely worth it.

2 days ago, I made a quick review of the last installation.
When I turned the dusty pages of my book, I saw this line, and I started crying.
(By the way, I started reading on the part where the last movie ended so I basically finished it in one night.)

So as early as 10am yesterday, I already prepared my outfit (we’re catching the last full show w/c is at 10:30pm pa HAHA!)

Saree naman. It was all our first time to watch in iMax so we had to take pictures HAHA

Reality bites: during the movie, i HAD to wear both my glasses and the 3D shades because I haven’t purchased contact lenses
and because I have never liked wearing contact lenses. LESSON LEARNED. But it wasn’t that much of a struggle (anything for Harry!)
until the part where it felt like I was wearing goggles because of my tears and everything was 3D. HAHA

IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I have never been so depressed walking into a cinema. I can’t believe we’ve already reached the epic finale 😦 Will DEFINITELY watch again! (but I want it on normal screen and hopefully, quieter seatmates. The guys beside me were SO ANNOYING!)

SO GLAD they did (and said) the exact, same, things. This was my favorite part.
SNAPE, I LOVE YOU! (Congratulations by the way to him on being voted the greatest HP character of all time! Yay for Alan Rickman who played extraordinarily Snape’s part)

 “ Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. ” – J.K. Rowling 

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