Catch the VIRUS, and get infected! ❀

Yesterday, I got the privilege to attend the soon to be the hottest boutique in the city, VIRUS.
(Thank you Yenny for inviting me!)

Note: I’m sorry for the poor quality of photos. none of us brought a cam! HAHA but I trust my cybershot phone so.. 😉

At first we went to Kenneth’s to get dolled up 😉

On our way to Yenny’s, this is my fave shot by my love Essa 🙂

When we got into Yenny’s we met up with everyone else (Alexa, El and Elna -it was nice to see you girls again by the way! Also I got to meet Yenny’s other best friend, Yana).
We got fascinated with almost everything inside their house! we spent a lot of time in front of this mirror on their doorway HAHA.
I dint get to take pictures on the different spots of their house because I think it would be rude w/o their approval.
(maybe some other time when I get Yenny’s permission to blog their turf!)

We convoyed our way to the boutique and when we arrived, we had cocktails and pica pica (my first time!)
and I feel like we’re in a Gossip Girl episode

More pictures! 🙂

After stuffing our tummies, we went inside to check out the awesome stuff

this chandelier necklace really caught my eye! isn’t it cute?

my favorite pile! i love love looooove laces 🙂

Look at the graphic design of their dressing rooms! Lovely.

STATEMENTS ON THEIR WALLS! Very nice concept. This last one’s my fave.

The owners, Yenny and Tita Loida Montesclaros

So what are you waiting for? Be the first to grab the latest style of clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes!
VIRUS boutique located at Chatswood Ave., Unit 4, blg. 2 corner Hernan Cortes/ AS Fortuna Mandaue City.

Thanks for reading until here guys and I hope you spread the word. 😉

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