You Already!

In beckinese, KAYO NA!

yes, cheers to their yummy abs. I thought I already got over with these Step Up chicks but hell no. What is it with them and their impossible bodies anyway?????????

Yes THEM. I’m talking about Briana Evigan and Sharni VInson. Peg na peg ko ang abs nila and their yumeeeeh bodeeeehs kasi naman we watched blue crush 2 last Sunday and I thought the mean girl was Briana. It was Sharni pala. But it doesn’t matter both of these step up biznitches really have what it takes. And, the Blue Crush 2 girls are uber hot too!

Oh diba, super bonggels at ROXY lang naman ang sponsor.

Peg ko rin this Indian actress, Elizabeth Mathis. She might look familiar to you as she was part of the Tron cast 🙂

Because of my massive obsession, I am now on the 4th day of my intense abdominal excercise. I feel like I’ve done all kinds of sit-ups. I’m very competitive and I will do whatever it takes. My arms, on the other hand is another story HAHA I’ve to find ways on how to put meat on them without stuffing my tummy (w/c is impossible). But anyway, let’s just take one step at a time.

However, let’s just forget my surfing fantasies. Maybe when I become a millionaire or marry a guy who can afford to give me lessons and buy me a ticket to Jeffrey’s Bay :p

Cheers to healthy living!



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