Happy Dappy!

First of all, I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Yenny, and her sister Nikky

When Yenny tweeted us to visit her sister’s blog, simplechaoslife.blogspot.com, I never had a chance to drop by because
a) my laptop got busted
b) the internet connection was cut at home

So everyone was making a fuss about it on twitter and I couldn’t react or anything until today. I have mom’s lappy and a bearable modem.

I expected to have a little tour on Paris while reading her blog since Nikky’s been studying art there (as stipulated) for 3 years.

But I did NOT expect to get a shoutout from her. I dint even know that she knew I existed! I kept on scrolling when I found my photo and those lovely comments ♥
I was so touched it took me a couple of minutes to digest it.
So here I am thanking the Montesclaros sissies in the most thoughtful way I could ever think of.

To know how I got connected with them, specially Yenny,
click here and here and here

Nikky, if by chance you’d get to read this, I’m giving you a cyber hug! 🙂

P.S. Thank you also to my lovie, Essa for introducing me to Yenny and many more awesome people who has given me lovely memories and experience.


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