9-10-11 ★♥

FINALLY! after a loooong hiatus, I’m back to blogging. I’m so sorry for being so outdated. I’m just so busy with school and my laptops are busted and we have the usual crappy internet at home.

Anyway, lemme start with this post. Memorable date, and treasure-able memories 🙂
9-10-11 (September 10, 2011) was a Saturday and my cousins and I finally decided to watch the most awaited movie, ONE DAY

After it, I received a random text from my friend, El about a pool party at Yenny’s. My lovie, Essa along with Teine, fetched me in Ayala to meet up with Elna in BTC but we made a quick stop at our apartment to pick up my clothes. It was such a random night and everything wasn’t planned.

Taahdaaah! We were the first to arrive 😉

We were able to catch Yenny and El in the kitchen baking cupcakes but unfortunately, they weren’t able to finish it coz they ran out of gas. BUT the mango float was so sinful we were able to chow it down less than 5 minutes HAHA

Swimming time 🙂 Floater turned into a Banana Boat HAHA. By the way, the rest of the CDU peeps arrived moments later. It was raining hard so you can just imagine how cold we were. Nobody dared to swim in their bikinis.

With the gang 🙂 photo captured by Mary Fel Lamparas.

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