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October 28, 2011

This week’s LSS

Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love ft. Mike Posner. I LOVE Cher Llyod she’s got the swag than most men.

T-Pain – 5 O’Clock ft. Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen

I actually have a playlist with only of these two songs because it’s been stuck in my head for a week now!

October 28, 2011

Bring out the popcorn..

Okay! The following are movies I CANNOT wait to watch and is ranked by what I want to see soonest and NOT according to their release dates.

You guys ready? 😀

The Hunger Games. I really hope this isn’t their final trailer because it’s so horrible for a very nice movie!
At least I expect it to be nice. You always have this obsession when you’ve read the books.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Can you tell me and guess where you could have seen the leading star? 😉
(sorry no blog giveaway.. but for the sake of “fun” lang HAHA)

The Dark Knight Rises


October 28, 2011

Nursing Gathering (?)

We had our annual Nursing Gathering at CICC last October 21. Our theme was VINTAGE and I kind of forgot about this event because I really thought this aint gonna push through since the sem’s almost over. Anyway, lesson learned. I came up with a really boring outfit. Some even wore a gown (eyes rolling) and most people had their hair and make-up done at the salon. I just went to my friend, Faith’s house and we got dolled up by the means of our own powers.

Met a couple of friends but very few pics (see, we didn’t even bother to bring cameras). We actually dint last that long coz we got bored and went back to Faith’s home.

What we did: cooked (uuyy Nica, cook daw HAHA) pancakes and watched Something Borrowed for the nth time. We went back to the gathering during twilight. fast forward to the after party……

Went to YOU and ZOO for a couple of drinks and we were Cinderellas for coming home at midnight HAHA it was fun though!
Never thought we’d end up our day with smiles on our face “YOU KNOW THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER AS LONG AS WE GOT EACH OTHER” was stuck in our heads for weeks! I love you guys! xx

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October 28, 2011

FOOD always comes second after family! HAHA

Yes!! anybody who knows me very well, knows that I couldn’t stay in the kitchen for minutes because I might burn it down, or my only best friend in the food department is the can opener 🙂

BUT! my Aunt bought an oven and I’m a sucker for cupcakes and brownies- FOOD to generalize it. In fact, when I’m not watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I’m glued to either DC cupcakes, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, or Topchef. So when I found out about the oven, I went loca and demanded everything I wanted (either to bake [gasp!] or eat). Plus! eversince my aunt arrived, we always have healthy, and sumptuous meals because she always cooks for us. Let me show you what we had so far.

Tagliatelle in shrimp and tuna

roasted pork, mashed potato, cream of corn soup, zucchini, & various kinds of salads.ت

Pumpkin soup, Schnitzel, and squid stew

Suvlaki and banana cake. So proud of this!
The ONLY DAY I dint stay in our room.ت
I helped with our banana cake’s milka hazelnuss and dessert au chocolat frosting and
Ate Nikko’s tzatziki sauce for her suvlaki. ♨

Roasted chicken with potatoes and baked eggplant 🙂
The Roble sibs cooked these!


Chocolate chip cookies

cupcakessssssss ♥

Went crazy when I found these on the fridge! ♥

I’m gonna have to stop because my stomach is growling and my shawarma is here. Thank God for family! 🙂
I hope I inspired you with this post or.. I must have sent you somewhere so you can have your cheat day HAHA



October 28, 2011

I’ve been to places :)

October’s almost over and it’s time to make a timeline post -not really. More like a whereabouts post 😉

As we all know, October’s the Breast Cancer awareness month and it’s celebrated around the globe by different organizations.
One if it is Think Pink (insert pink ribbon here)

Remember when I told you my Aunt from Vienna arrived? Well yes, this is her with me as we sat on the grass at the IT Park grounds listening to live music. One of  Think Pink’s activities for their campaign to fight the big C.

We loved the local band, The Wonggoys who rendered very nice songs! I went crazy when they sang Lionel Richie‘s “All Night Long”
I suddenly felt like I was in Coachella. HAHA Their original songs are nice too. You guys should check ’em out and might as well support local talents 😉

So sorry for the poor photos. I’ve been wanting to have a descent camera but I’m out of budget. I always trust my sony cybershot phone for my blog pics.

Anyway, October also means sembreak. But for a nursing student like me, you can’t have sembreak if you won’t serve your extension/duty replacements.

As an extensionist, I was asked to participate a Moonwalk from Ayala Center Cebu to Asiatown IT Park. I didn’t know it was for the Breast Cancer awareness month until I got to the venue.  Everyone wore pink and a lot of people participated. We even did the human ribbon in which they said to be the biggest. I never actually had time to check the newspaper but we were told that our picture would be put on local and national papers.

So here’s the campaign ad but I’m sad that I couldn’t find a photo of our human ribbon. I’ve searched and googled.
But I found an article about it from The Philippine Star. Click here to read.

So much about the Think Pink 🙂 let’s move on to malling and celebrations.

I went to the mall with my cousins and niece days ago because FINALLY Kyle bought a Blackberry out of his salary 🙂

Then just recently, my cousin Bea and I passed our thesis final defense! 😀 that’s my group right there along with our panelists.
We had a mini family picnic at IT Park the night we had our defense to celebrate.

I took  this photo last August and finally, Krispy Kreme opened last err.. exact date forgotten but I’m certain it opened last week in Ayala and IT Park HAHA!

taaaaahdaaaaah! these were the people in Ayala during the first day. I haven’t actually been to any KK branch here in Cebu because I definitely don’t want to test my patience. HAHA and I’ve actually liked doughnuts covered in confectioner’s sugar.
Although you can’t really deny, KK has the best honey glazed doughnuts and their oreo and kitkat flavours.. TO DIE FOR.

last Monday, we surprised our good friend Hannah on her 20th birthday. Bought her extra big red velvet cupcakes in Leona’s haha

There you go! post was a bit long but if you were reading until this line, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!



October 9, 2011

October joys

In our family, October’s prolly the busiest month since we have so many relatives celebrating their birthdays. My mom’s included.
Last Oct. 4, it was my cousin Danrae’s birthday who lives now in Chicago. Followed by my mom’s birthday, Oct. 6 which she celebrated here in Cebu with us. By celebration I mean family, home-cooked meals, & stories to tell.


Just us, family and closest friends with delish food and mama’s specialties. This panacotta is one of it 😀

October 7 was my uncle’s birthday who’s in Mindanao. Moving on, yesterday, October 8, was my cousin Kathleen’s birthday 🙂


October 9, 2011


I  went to DENTALAND Ayala Center Cebu last week because I HAD to wear retainers.

I wore braces for almost FOUR years.

So when it was taken off last January, I couldn’t find words to describe how ecstatic I was 😀

But few months later, my teeth cracked so I HAVE TO wear retainers. FUNCTIONAL retainers. I couldn’t wear the invisible ones or the ones with the metal placed at the back of your teeth coz I have to return every month for adjustments.

Place was really nice! I absolutely like their pink-gray what-do-you-call-that-couch 😀
By the way, if you wanna check out their services, you can check out their facebook page here.

TAAAAAHDAAAAH! After 2 days, I’m back to being metal molared. I hope this will be the last time! XX

One last thing! This is my look for this day. hype it at


October 9, 2011

Oh hello, October! :)

First week of October was great! 🙂
It was the 4th, Tuesday and I spent an afternoon at Starbucks.

HAHA I always have this thing of makin out names for my drink.
This time, I was Katniss as in Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Trilogy 🙂

I went to Marks & Spencer to use my cousin’s card and bought my favorite digestive cookies. You guys should really try it! Perfect for your frap or any afternoon drink.

When I got home, my tita from Vienna surprised us with The Body Shop goodies and my favourite chocolate, MILKA 🙂
By the way, NOISETTE is German for Nutella, Haselnuss is Hazelnut, and Joghurt is Youghurt 😀



October 3, 2011

New found love ♥

YES! I have found my new love on bodysuits 🙂
I shall start wearing and buying bodysuits without getting shy anymore.
It’s about embracing yourself! And to remember that you don’t live according to anybody else’s shadow.

Posted my look already! HYPE it here.


October 3, 2011


My current album obsession is Gavin DeGraw‘s SWEETER.
In case you don’t know him, his songs are in Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and many other tv series and movies 🙂

But like Adele‘s, his songs are really emotional and painful that even if you’re not heart broken, you can feel his pain. His music is my kind of pain 😉