Abduction aborted

Was scheduled for a movie date with lovie and Teine last Saturday because we wanna see Taylor Lautner‘s abs LOL
But since Teine was busy, I just went to lovie’s place and brought fraps and thinking maybe we could watch Abduction together.

FINALLY got to taste the sinful creme brulee frap at Starbucks. I was out of words. It was so yummy! Been wanting for this to happen ever since I found out their new drink.
I named our fraps Serena & Blair by the way HAHA!

So, movie nite turned out sleepover + ukay-ukay = MY KIND of weekend 🙂

We got really tired and decided to stay in. It was the birthday of Essa’s dad pala. So we had sumptuous dinner and ice cream & Chocolate heaven cake for dessert. Since her dad is in Mindanao, we celebrated it all the way from Cebu. 🙂

Highlight #1: while having dinner, our friend, Germaine popped out of the door and we never expected her to arrive! We haven’t seen her in months because she’s been busy with school.

Took piccies before rolling in bed with my loves.
This was around 12am after watching SPREAD over ice cream. 😀

Also painted our nails like how a real sleepover goes 😉

Woke up. Had brekky. Thrifted. Found awesome shorts & trousers. Shopped for new babies. Bought matching purses and sunnies.
We were so drained from walking around the market and hopping from one place to another with the sun shining hot and bright. But it was all worth it! 😉

Til the next thrift adventure! 😉

By the way, my look is ready to be hyped here.

(c) Eresa Jobelle A. Cagampang


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