If it’s ON, then it’s NEON!

2 weeks ago, I got invited by my friend, El to a rooftop party w/c her sister organized w/ other fellow HRM students at the University of San Carlos. This party was so important since it served as their final exam.

So I went with my girls Essa and Garey. I was actually nursing a 38-degree-fever the whole day and it never went down. I almost did not go. But since El and Yenny are walking down the runway, being sick is an understatement 🙂

We were ON TIME. By ON TIME I mean 8pm = 8 and not the usual Filipino time where 8 becomes 9.
Sadly, It was raining already so we had to stay inside the parking lot and wait till the rain stops.
My fever was actually gone, but my sweat is so cold w/c means I have to expect to be really sick before midnight comes.
The second picture actually isn’t the final set-up since they have put up stage and colorful lights and a couple of tents for the drinks and food. We were sweating like crazy and people are starting to arrive and we were crowding. Thank goodness for the complimentary water! 🙂

So the party started around 10. So sad we haven’t captured nice pics during the fashion show. We actually braved the rain!

With the girls 🙂
(L-R) Essa, Yenny, Dianna, Garey, & El.

Apart from the bottled water, we had complimentary food and a shot of tequila. While taking our shot, we were asked on who wants to join the best body shot contest on stage. So Essa and Tiene volunteered and won! 🙂
They got free Mojitos shirts. Essa gave me one.

Around 3am. Essa got tired of her heels and we’ve had enough drinks to look like this HAHA.
Like I said, and as expected, my fever resumed but nevertheless, I had so much fun! This was a rare experience.

2 Comments to “If it’s ON, then it’s NEON!”

  1. Gorgeous ladies! 🙂
    and I’ve always wanted to go to a neon party… sadly I can’t really go to parties here unlike there :/
    and I love all your outfits! kahit sick, party gihapon hehe 😀

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