FOOD always comes second after family! HAHA

Yes!! anybody who knows me very well, knows that I couldn’t stay in the kitchen for minutes because I might burn it down, or my only best friend in the food department is the can opener 🙂

BUT! my Aunt bought an oven and I’m a sucker for cupcakes and brownies- FOOD to generalize it. In fact, when I’m not watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I’m glued to either DC cupcakes, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, or Topchef. So when I found out about the oven, I went loca and demanded everything I wanted (either to bake [gasp!] or eat). Plus! eversince my aunt arrived, we always have healthy, and sumptuous meals because she always cooks for us. Let me show you what we had so far.

Tagliatelle in shrimp and tuna

roasted pork, mashed potato, cream of corn soup, zucchini, & various kinds of salads.ت

Pumpkin soup, Schnitzel, and squid stew

Suvlaki and banana cake. So proud of this!
The ONLY DAY I dint stay in our room.ت
I helped with our banana cake’s milka hazelnuss and dessert au chocolat frosting and
Ate Nikko’s tzatziki sauce for her suvlaki. ♨

Roasted chicken with potatoes and baked eggplant 🙂
The Roble sibs cooked these!


Chocolate chip cookies

cupcakessssssss ♥

Went crazy when I found these on the fridge! ♥

I’m gonna have to stop because my stomach is growling and my shawarma is here. Thank God for family! 🙂
I hope I inspired you with this post or.. I must have sent you somewhere so you can have your cheat day HAHA



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