London Evening Standard: Royal Wedding Souvenir Edition

My aunt who’s in London slipped a copy of London Evening Standard into the package that she sent to my mom.
I know.. the news is so old.. the royal couple might be even on the stage of having a baby already. But I haven’t been actually following their love story in every bit of detail so I took an afternoon to see exclusive photos and a better narrated story of the world’s most famous couple.

Loved Kate’s antique lace gown from Alexander McQueen but I really thought it was a Monique Lhuiller design.

I’ve seen that part on tv. When Prince William mouthed “You look beautiful” to Kate. Awwwwwwweeee what a bliss ❀

Gaaaah. Who wouldn’t notice the Beckhams in sober hues of dark gray and navy? Bigger hats, Victoria with bigger heels, and David in morning suit with crocodile braces.

I love these sissies Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice in their Valentino Couture. When this was aired on tv, the beckies kept on saying “Ikaw na girl” referring to Beatrice’s hat. HAHA

Carole Middleton is so, soooo preetty. That’s the Queen beside her, both wearing broad smiles haha (okay, I gotta stop typing HAHA everytime I finish my caption… HAHA.. HAHA)

Wedding Photographer arrives by bike πŸ˜€

Official royal photographer Hugo Burnand and his team take to two wheels to get through the crowds to Burkingham Palace.

inside the Westminster Abbey

The newspaper is actually thick and I’m only featuring the parts that I liked like this one.
Column says “Dress Sense” where you compare with royal gowns of the past 40 years πŸ™‚

OKAY. buckle up your seats because this is a pre-relationship photo. haha
the dress that made Prince William see his “hot” friend Kate in a new light.
NOT my kind of body though.. but she IS pretty πŸ™‚

owwright. That’ll be the last photo. I wanted to share to you the party pics and all during their college days but I’m only using my phone’s camera and well… you know the quality of phone pics.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I know I did πŸ™‚ got me kilig all over again. HEEEEEEEEEEE :3
Will have to wait for MY prince to come because I believe that there is a happy ending πŸ™‚ After all, happiness always depends on YOU.


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