We found love on double K’s birthday bash

November 19 was one of those times where me and my girlfriends step on the borderline and run free. That day, we celebrated the birthday of my lovey, Katherine Chua.

So why is my title “DOUBLE K’s birthday bash”?
Kat decided to celebrate it with one of her closest college friends, Kim Arcenas.

The invitation was at 9:30 pm, Apartelle de Arcenas.
My friends Garey and Karen (seen in the picture above) and I went to pick up Essa since she wasn’t able to wake up from duty/school. We were actually running late coz she still had her make-up done but we didn’t actually worry coz we all know the “Filipino time” 🙂

Taahdaaah! We arrived at the venue without getting lost 😉

Err.. yeah we were actually late but just in time for the celebrators to blow their candles 🙂
Look at them with their matching Forever 21 dresses ❤

After blowing the candles, they went to each table to have pics taken with everyone 🙂

more piccies! 🙂

Gel-o vodka shots in different colors 🙂


Garey 🙂 follow her on twitter since she doesn’t have a blog: @Garey_me

Karen. 🙂

styleswagger, Essa 🙂

Yours truly 🙂
as you can see, I was the only one who did not wear a bandage skirt and I had the SHORTEST heels haha. But it does not matter coz after we took these photos we changed our shoes to flats 🙂

Thank you so much Kim and Kat for the wonderful and memorable party! We all know that we found love in a hopeless place that night ❤
That song got stuck in my head for a week haha.

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