Tryna fill the gaping hole in my chest w/ lots of ( @edsheeran ) music

When I saw this video last October, I only clicked the play button because of Rupert Grint. I gotta admit that. But when I listened to the song, it has been my lullaby and became my forever LSS. Beautiful, beautiful song.

note: Rupert isn’t the one singing. He’s just acting. The artist beyond this amazing talent is Ed Sheeran.

Then I tried to click the suggested links and without second thoughts, downloaded his “+” album

+ Album cover

You only have 3 reasons to love and start listening to him:

  1. He’s English.
  2. He’s 20 years old who writes his own songs and waaaaaaaaaay BETTER than Justin Bieber. I’m sorry but, haters gonna hate.
  3. He supports Snow Patrol.

So Imma leave you with my favorite song next to Lego House.

If you guys start to listen to him, don’t forget to let me now what you think! 😉



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