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March 1, 2012

And the hearts all over the world

Hiyaaaa! First of all, I wanna apologize for being so lazy on updating my blog. I’m not even busy HAHA but anyway, FINALLY! here is my waaaaaaaaay long overdue post about Valentine’s Day.

I wanna make this special since I’m doing this on the 1st day of March HAHA (yes, it’s already the start of the 3rd month of the year even with the extra day last February)

I don’t actually anticipate Valentine’s Day. Well, it was fun during high school and it was still during college coz I get to go on different dinner dates with my various group of friends. In high school, it was all about being swoon and having the young love and the first of everything. Since I entered college, I’ve been in a long distance relationship for (almost) 4 years already, Vday became nothing but an ordinary day for me.

So I woke up a bit early because my mom and I went cloth hunting and shopping for my pre-made clothes.

A for EFFORT haha. You can hype this look here.
(Kenneth Cole leather bag; Thrifted Polkadot Top; NEXT red shorts; GH accessories; Parisian shoes)

Before I was shot for these photos, I had a total meltdown while putting on make-up.

Le boyf’s sissie arrived and delivered a bouquet of flowers and 3 packs of M&Ms. I was totally lost for words. It’s not the first time he ever surprised me but I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING at all.

Oh you know the cliche,

Flowers will wither within weeks and chocolate will only stay in your mouth for seconds.

 But I felt like I was in high school all over again and I suddenly realized that I am with someone who knows what they have when they have me. Love may be a word used too much and much too soon but love doesn’t come along too often. When it does, only the foolish let it fade.

How many people in a relationship can say that they love their partner even more each day? Cheesy shiz right? But I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of the few who can say it.

There is only one happiness in the world. To love and to be loved.



December 18, 2011

Anticipated Misa de Gallo

Post made on December 16, 2011

Okay first of all, I’m gonna have to tell you guys that this is going to be a copy-paste post coz I am doing this right now in MS word. There’s no internet, I’m in the province, I’m about to throw up from all the food that I ate (remember I have to gain 10 kilos), reminisced that I have a decade old gameboy color and I checked it on my cabinet, and it’s GONE. I am such in a BAD mood right now. NGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH


*Inhale, Exhale

Maybe I shouldn’t take it on my blog if I hate the world too much right now so I’m just gonna share an outfit post for today. This morning was the start of the Simbang Gabi, a Filipino tradition where Roman Catholics get up and hear mass at 4am. We do this for 9 mornings before Christmas. Usually after church, people would eat puto bumbong, puto maya, suman, and pair it with tskolate. I will bible that it is sooo delicious especially if your tsokolate has extra milk. Hmmmmm!

So anyway, yeeahhh… I missed Simbang Gabi this morning heeeeee. My mom and I made a deal to attend the Anticipated Misa De Gallo nalang coz we both know there’s no way I’d be able to get up at 2:30-3am (we live 30 minutes away from the city). Not with my messed up biological clock. SO the deal was sealed and we heard mass today at 8pm. Here’s what I wore.

Polo from GUESS, black skinny jeans from NEXT jeans, Forever 21 feather earrings and clutch

Hype this look here.

December 14, 2011

I wanna be FOREVER XXI

Sooo excited to get this post published because I know a lot of people love Forever 21 like me.

If this picture is familiar to you then you might have read the previous post. These are my mom’s birthday presents from F21 SG ❤

You can stand under my umbrella..ella..ella..eyy..eyy..eyy 🙂

Mom knows how obsessed I am with nail polish and anything else that’s got to do with it. So she bought me a pedicure set and 2 hues of F21 nail lacquer.

Just last month, November 14, Forever 21 PH opened a branch in Cebu! So my friends and I went to the opening even if we were all broke (I only had 50 pesos in my wallet that time and nothing more)

L-R: my CDU friends El, Mary Fel, Essa & Aiken
Was really upset that time because I wasn’t able to take pictures :/
My phone died minutes after this shot

 Anyway, my mom arrived days after my birthday and I took her to the newly opened F21 since she needs to buy winter clothes for my dad (My dad is a stay in employee at Athens, Greece and he rarely goes out to shop for himself).
Of course I took a couple of stuff for me HAHA 😉

Newest turban being worn. ❤

I was really freaking out when I found  a row of gel eyeliners. Would you believe that it’s only 95php per tube? so I bought 2 since I’m going to be in Mindanao for quite a while and I’m sure it’s is going to be sold out in less than a week. I was dying to buy the one in Maybelline but it’s actually 400 bucks per tube.
Thanks F21 for this cheap bargain! ❤

Just last Saturday, I finally got my package from my close friend, Phyllis who has already moved to Miami years ago.

My new babies are very well taken care of. THANKS PHYLL!! ❤

So what if I can’t afford Topshop. I wanna be forever 21 anyway 😉 HAHA
And just recently, one of the most famous European brands, BERSHKA opened in Manila. And to honor that, I’m wearing a Bershka skirt right now haha.
Will cross my fingers for H&M  to open here in the Philippines too! But I tweeted them and they replied there are no plans yet 😦

Oh well hope you did not get bored with this post. More of Forver 21 soon!


December 14, 2011

It’s not everyday I turn twenty!


This is it. I am really doing my 20th birthday post. Weeks before, I had this birthday wishlist uploaded on my facebook and twitter. Let’s see how much love I got on my tweenTEENth natal day 😉


2 hours before the clock strikes to midnight, I got a text from my photographer friend, THE insensible anthropoid, Mary Fel (right). She told me that she’s in Bo’s raintree doing her case study and that I can maybe drop by to say hi. 2 of my CDU friends were there too, Aiken (left) and Alexa (middle).
So I went there with my cousin Bea only for a while because the Wolfpack decided to do a countdown while playing scrabble or charades 🙂
I sat down w/ them for 30 minutes then my co-wolf Christine who’s in the neighborhood came to pick Bea and me.


Surprise! Surprise!

I got mini cakes and cake pops from my friend Ethel who is currently taking baking classes. (Christine got this  while I was in Bo’s)

My cousins and I happily tasted all the goodies then we played our own version of Pinoy Henyo. It’s a game where the person next to you sticks a paper on your forehead and you have to guess what’s written on it.

Moments later, all the lights went out and I was panicking until my cousin Bea came out of the kitchen holding cupcakes with a number 2 candle and a cut-out 0 haha 😉

It was a happy, happy night! 🙂 We went on with a few rounds of the game and had a few drinks then went to bed.

When I woke up the next day…..

I found this package from my mom at the foot of my bed. She just came home from her Singapore vacation. I got really excited when I saw the box so I opened it anxiously, I didn’t even bother to wash my face haha.

Will make a separate post on what’s inside these loveys 😉

My mom attached a letter to her gift and made me bawl alone in the room.

Included inside the parcel is this MAC lippie! I will make a separate post about my reviews on this one also 🙂

After getting hyped with all the lovely stuff from mama, I just went back to bed and spent an afternoon wearing my jammies, watching Game Of Thrones on HBO. They had a marathon so my cousins and I lost track of time. We were supposed to be at the airport before 4pm because my cousin Alina is going to arrive from Vienna Austria.

Time went really fast! I had dinner with family and after, we went out to chill. The apartment was really scorching so we decided to catch up on some stories outside before my party begins.

Long and behold! My G6 lovies came putting me on surprise number 3.

Apparently, somebody sent me a cake through them. People kept on arriving and I was overwhelmed by how unpredictable my 20th birthday turned out to be.

That’s me in house clothes and sweating profusely…

G6 minus 2. I love you girls! And to the person who sent the cake, thank you!

I thought the surprises were over. Guess I was wrong. I got another batch of cute cupcakes from my cousin Bea

Was reminded by my own calendar that it’s my birthday HAHA.

LERIAS coven

WOLPACK in complete  attendance before the party started.

That’s 2 hours later. HAHAHA! our supposed formal pic.

Several moments later.. HAHA! 🙂

Inside the NYX box are 2 mineral based lippies from my girl, Garey.

LOVE it! You don’t even need to apply lipgloss for top coat and it lasts long.

This dream catcher is hand made by Master Wolf himself, @kumoto
YAY! No more nightmares for me.

I may not have all the money in the world and buy the things that I want but when I look at my family and friends, I realize I have more than enough. And that makes me rich :’)



December 13, 2011

London Evening Standard: Royal Wedding Souvenir Edition

My aunt who’s in London slipped a copy of London Evening Standard into the package that she sent to my mom.
I know.. the news is so old.. the royal couple might be even on the stage of having a baby already. But I haven’t been actually following their love story in every bit of detail so I took an afternoon to see exclusive photos and a better narrated story of the world’s most famous couple.

Loved Kate’s antique lace gown from Alexander McQueen but I really thought it was a Monique Lhuiller design.

I’ve seen that part on tv. When Prince William mouthed “You look beautiful” to Kate. Awwwwwwweeee what a bliss ❤

Gaaaah. Who wouldn’t notice the Beckhams in sober hues of dark gray and navy? Bigger hats, Victoria with bigger heels, and David in morning suit with crocodile braces.

I love these sissies Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice in their Valentino Couture. When this was aired on tv, the beckies kept on saying “Ikaw na girl” referring to Beatrice’s hat. HAHA

Carole Middleton is so, soooo preetty. That’s the Queen beside her, both wearing broad smiles haha (okay, I gotta stop typing HAHA everytime I finish my caption… HAHA.. HAHA)

Wedding Photographer arrives by bike 😀

Official royal photographer Hugo Burnand and his team take to two wheels to get through the crowds to Burkingham Palace.

inside the Westminster Abbey

The newspaper is actually thick and I’m only featuring the parts that I liked like this one.
Column says “Dress Sense” where you compare with royal gowns of the past 40 years 🙂

OKAY. buckle up your seats because this is a pre-relationship photo. haha
the dress that made Prince William see his “hot” friend Kate in a new light.
NOT my kind of body though.. but she IS pretty 🙂

owwright. That’ll be the last photo. I wanted to share to you the party pics and all during their college days but I’m only using my phone’s camera and well… you know the quality of phone pics.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I know I did 🙂 got me kilig all over again. HEEEEEEEEEEE :3
Will have to wait for MY prince to come because I believe that there is a happy ending 🙂 After all, happiness always depends on YOU.


December 13, 2011

We found love on double K’s birthday bash

November 19 was one of those times where me and my girlfriends step on the borderline and run free. That day, we celebrated the birthday of my lovey, Katherine Chua.

So why is my title “DOUBLE K’s birthday bash”?
Kat decided to celebrate it with one of her closest college friends, Kim Arcenas.

The invitation was at 9:30 pm, Apartelle de Arcenas.
My friends Garey and Karen (seen in the picture above) and I went to pick up Essa since she wasn’t able to wake up from duty/school. We were actually running late coz she still had her make-up done but we didn’t actually worry coz we all know the “Filipino time” 🙂

Taahdaaah! We arrived at the venue without getting lost 😉

Err.. yeah we were actually late but just in time for the celebrators to blow their candles 🙂
Look at them with their matching Forever 21 dresses ❤

After blowing the candles, they went to each table to have pics taken with everyone 🙂

more piccies! 🙂

Gel-o vodka shots in different colors 🙂


Garey 🙂 follow her on twitter since she doesn’t have a blog: @Garey_me

Karen. 🙂

styleswagger, Essa 🙂

Yours truly 🙂
as you can see, I was the only one who did not wear a bandage skirt and I had the SHORTEST heels haha. But it does not matter coz after we took these photos we changed our shoes to flats 🙂

Thank you so much Kim and Kat for the wonderful and memorable party! We all know that we found love in a hopeless place that night ❤
That song got stuck in my head for a week haha.

December 13, 2011

A month’s delayed post about Halloween :)

It’s been such a craazy, craaaaaaaazy month! Relatives coming home from abroad, birthdays, me becoming an adult, and a lot more happened last November. But of course I’m gonna have to start with the Halloween 🙂

My cousins and I have been planning to throw a private Halloween party at our Cebu apartment since this is all our first time to spend it outside the province.

And so.. the plan was pushed through! 🙂
since the oldies were at home in Mindanao, everything in this party was out of labor of love.
We decorated the house, baked cupcakes, cooked pizza (even the dough was made from the scratch by my cousin), mixed drinks, and did the after care 🙂
We even wore costumes to make it extra special 🙂
and closest friends came over to celebrate with le famille.

About my costume, I have always wanted to try to be a pussycat and my inspiration is no other than Martine Cajucom. I had a problem finding cat’s ears coz I really wanted the ears that Martine wore. But I’ve no luck to find those and so my cousin did a DIY for me 🙂

Even my tail was a disaster 😦 I only used a black belt for the sake of it HAHA

Wasn’t able to take a pic of the table with all the food because we were so hungry and the pizza is getting cold.

Me with Incredible lizard.. I mean HULK haha

With Amy Whinehouse and Jason slash Jabbawockee

The night went on perfectly and (miraculously) early so when we woke up, it was All Souls Day and my cousins and I went to Sto. Nino Cathedral to pray and light candles for our deceased loved ones– all buried in Mindanao.

After the Halloween, I already embraced the fact that November is my birth month 😉

October 28, 2011

Nursing Gathering (?)

We had our annual Nursing Gathering at CICC last October 21. Our theme was VINTAGE and I kind of forgot about this event because I really thought this aint gonna push through since the sem’s almost over. Anyway, lesson learned. I came up with a really boring outfit. Some even wore a gown (eyes rolling) and most people had their hair and make-up done at the salon. I just went to my friend, Faith’s house and we got dolled up by the means of our own powers.

Met a couple of friends but very few pics (see, we didn’t even bother to bring cameras). We actually dint last that long coz we got bored and went back to Faith’s home.

What we did: cooked (uuyy Nica, cook daw HAHA) pancakes and watched Something Borrowed for the nth time. We went back to the gathering during twilight. fast forward to the after party……

Went to YOU and ZOO for a couple of drinks and we were Cinderellas for coming home at midnight HAHA it was fun though!
Never thought we’d end up our day with smiles on our face “YOU KNOW THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER AS LONG AS WE GOT EACH OTHER” was stuck in our heads for weeks! I love you guys! xx

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October 28, 2011

I’ve been to places :)

October’s almost over and it’s time to make a timeline post -not really. More like a whereabouts post 😉

As we all know, October’s the Breast Cancer awareness month and it’s celebrated around the globe by different organizations.
One if it is Think Pink (insert pink ribbon here)

Remember when I told you my Aunt from Vienna arrived? Well yes, this is her with me as we sat on the grass at the IT Park grounds listening to live music. One of  Think Pink’s activities for their campaign to fight the big C.

We loved the local band, The Wonggoys who rendered very nice songs! I went crazy when they sang Lionel Richie‘s “All Night Long”
I suddenly felt like I was in Coachella. HAHA Their original songs are nice too. You guys should check ’em out and might as well support local talents 😉

So sorry for the poor photos. I’ve been wanting to have a descent camera but I’m out of budget. I always trust my sony cybershot phone for my blog pics.

Anyway, October also means sembreak. But for a nursing student like me, you can’t have sembreak if you won’t serve your extension/duty replacements.

As an extensionist, I was asked to participate a Moonwalk from Ayala Center Cebu to Asiatown IT Park. I didn’t know it was for the Breast Cancer awareness month until I got to the venue.  Everyone wore pink and a lot of people participated. We even did the human ribbon in which they said to be the biggest. I never actually had time to check the newspaper but we were told that our picture would be put on local and national papers.

So here’s the campaign ad but I’m sad that I couldn’t find a photo of our human ribbon. I’ve searched and googled.
But I found an article about it from The Philippine Star. Click here to read.

So much about the Think Pink 🙂 let’s move on to malling and celebrations.

I went to the mall with my cousins and niece days ago because FINALLY Kyle bought a Blackberry out of his salary 🙂

Then just recently, my cousin Bea and I passed our thesis final defense! 😀 that’s my group right there along with our panelists.
We had a mini family picnic at IT Park the night we had our defense to celebrate.

I took  this photo last August and finally, Krispy Kreme opened last err.. exact date forgotten but I’m certain it opened last week in Ayala and IT Park HAHA!

taaaaahdaaaaah! these were the people in Ayala during the first day. I haven’t actually been to any KK branch here in Cebu because I definitely don’t want to test my patience. HAHA and I’ve actually liked doughnuts covered in confectioner’s sugar.
Although you can’t really deny, KK has the best honey glazed doughnuts and their oreo and kitkat flavours.. TO DIE FOR.

last Monday, we surprised our good friend Hannah on her 20th birthday. Bought her extra big red velvet cupcakes in Leona’s haha

There you go! post was a bit long but if you were reading until this line, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!



October 9, 2011

October joys

In our family, October’s prolly the busiest month since we have so many relatives celebrating their birthdays. My mom’s included.
Last Oct. 4, it was my cousin Danrae’s birthday who lives now in Chicago. Followed by my mom’s birthday, Oct. 6 which she celebrated here in Cebu with us. By celebration I mean family, home-cooked meals, & stories to tell.


Just us, family and closest friends with delish food and mama’s specialties. This panacotta is one of it 😀

October 7 was my uncle’s birthday who’s in Mindanao. Moving on, yesterday, October 8, was my cousin Kathleen’s birthday 🙂