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January 2, 2012

Food-a Fest

Food highlights last December before Christmas.


coconut chiffon muffins given by @kumoto

Korean ice creaaaaam! First time to try it. the vanilla and cheesecake ice cream sandwiches are to die fooor. Thanks to my girlfriend, Karen for taking me to the common USC-TC tambayan. I wouldn’t have the chance to discover it.

When my cousin Alina arrived from Vienna, she brought various kinds of cheeses. Among the variants are sheep’s, goat’s, cow’s cheeses and  even mountain cheese!
My personal fave is the sheep’s cheese, it’s uuuuber yummy! and the perfect one to pair with sky flakes is the cow’s.

When you have relatives in Europe, it’s never complete if they can’t bring Milka chocolates for pasalubong. It’s my number 1 favorite chocolate in the world (next is Merci ;)) Anyway, this time, my cousin brought Milka flavors that we’ve never tasted. I’ve always loved the hazelnuss (hazelnut) Milka. But I forgot about it when I tasted the Schoko & Keks and the Erdbeer Joghurt. Foodgasm to shorten the description.

Lychee shake at Vibes located behind Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital. It’s the next best thing to their durian shake 😉

Ber months mean that it’s the Starbucks sticker collection month. This year, I decided not to get their planner since I don’t go to Starbucks anymore. But when I saw the 2012 planner, it comes with a case. None of my sbux planners have cases so I decided to adjust my plans. So happy that for the first time in Starbucks history, they got my name right and it was my barista crush who  wrote it! 😉

The next day? FLOP. The barista was rude and I was “Nika” all over again.

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October 28, 2011

FOOD always comes second after family! HAHA

Yes!! anybody who knows me very well, knows that I couldn’t stay in the kitchen for minutes because I might burn it down, or my only best friend in the food department is the can opener 🙂

BUT! my Aunt bought an oven and I’m a sucker for cupcakes and brownies- FOOD to generalize it. In fact, when I’m not watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I’m glued to either DC cupcakes, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, or Topchef. So when I found out about the oven, I went loca and demanded everything I wanted (either to bake [gasp!] or eat). Plus! eversince my aunt arrived, we always have healthy, and sumptuous meals because she always cooks for us. Let me show you what we had so far.

Tagliatelle in shrimp and tuna

roasted pork, mashed potato, cream of corn soup, zucchini, & various kinds of salads.ت

Pumpkin soup, Schnitzel, and squid stew

Suvlaki and banana cake. So proud of this!
The ONLY DAY I dint stay in our room.ت
I helped with our banana cake’s milka hazelnuss and dessert au chocolat frosting and
Ate Nikko’s tzatziki sauce for her suvlaki. ♨

Roasted chicken with potatoes and baked eggplant 🙂
The Roble sibs cooked these!


Chocolate chip cookies

cupcakessssssss ♥

Went crazy when I found these on the fridge! ♥

I’m gonna have to stop because my stomach is growling and my shawarma is here. Thank God for family! 🙂
I hope I inspired you with this post or.. I must have sent you somewhere so you can have your cheat day HAHA



October 9, 2011

Oh hello, October! :)

First week of October was great! 🙂
It was the 4th, Tuesday and I spent an afternoon at Starbucks.

HAHA I always have this thing of makin out names for my drink.
This time, I was Katniss as in Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Trilogy 🙂

I went to Marks & Spencer to use my cousin’s card and bought my favorite digestive cookies. You guys should really try it! Perfect for your frap or any afternoon drink.

When I got home, my tita from Vienna surprised us with The Body Shop goodies and my favourite chocolate, MILKA 🙂
By the way, NOISETTE is German for Nutella, Haselnuss is Hazelnut, and Joghurt is Youghurt 😀



October 3, 2011

Abduction aborted

Was scheduled for a movie date with lovie and Teine last Saturday because we wanna see Taylor Lautner‘s abs LOL
But since Teine was busy, I just went to lovie’s place and brought fraps and thinking maybe we could watch Abduction together.

FINALLY got to taste the sinful creme brulee frap at Starbucks. I was out of words. It was so yummy! Been wanting for this to happen ever since I found out their new drink.
I named our fraps Serena & Blair by the way HAHA!

So, movie nite turned out sleepover + ukay-ukay = MY KIND of weekend 🙂

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September 29, 2011

Corner Bakery ♥

because I’m a dessert and cupcake lover, I went all around Cebu just to locate this mini but really really good bakery!

Prepare now fr the mouth-watering piccies 😉

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August 10, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things..

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.

If you were singing while reading my blog title and the quoted lines, then you must have seen The Sound Of Music. Yes, it’s a super duper old movie but my mom introduced it to me and made we watch it so, it became our favorite film.

Whenever it rains, that’s always the first song that comes into my mind because I remember Maria (Julie Andrews) on her first day as a nanny, it was raining hard and the Von Trappe children were giving her a hard time.

Anyway, it has been raining nowadays in Cebu and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom who is generous enough to treat me whatever I want 🙂

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August 10, 2011

Food and other drugs

Because there is NOTHING more in this world I love than FOOD.

When the month started, My lovie and I took our friend, Mikkah on a movie date to welcome her as a college freshman here in Cebu 🙂 all of us came from Pagadian City so it’s always nice to be with people from your hometown.

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