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April 23, 2012

Young Blood

I am finally back after a month’s hiatus! I apologize for being such an irresponsible, neglecting “blogger” I promise to try my best to make it up to you on this post.

So.. long story short, I was in Cebu for a month to attend some important stuff at the same time “vacationing” for summer. I am just going to summarize the highlighted events of my vacay and I will try to make separate posts of it. For now, I’m just gonna share a couple of photos.

The main reason why I went to Cebu is to process my transcript of records because I am going to transfer to another school to finish my nursing course. Yup! I am finally and fully decided. I need a diploma already to get on with life.

then…….. I was there to attend the hunger games’ premiere 🙂 I was super excited, I’ve spammed my fb and twitter about it for two weeks. HAHA

While I was on the plane, I was surprised to find a magazine that featured THG! HAHA well it was mainly about Jennifer Lawrence and her role as Katniss Everdeen.. but whatever.. still THG related HAHA

the night on that day, we attended the last full show and wore our customized shirts 🙂 On the right is my cousin, Bea and that Team Peeta shirt of hers glowed inside the cinema. She used that special glow in the dark glue for tees. Forgive us, that was the only fan mode day we had. HAHA

We occupied the whole “L” row and we were as usual the noisiest. The people behind us must have been very annoyed HAHAHA We got the best seats because we, well, my awesome cousin Kyle reserved it a month before. 🙂

The next day, I met up with my lovie Essa and a couple of my CDU friends to watch Anne Curtis-Smith’s No Other Concert at Waterfront. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you teaser pics. My brilliant mind forgot to bring my cousin’s DSLR and my point-and-shoot camera has no memory card. Genius, I know. *facepalm* All I had was my cybershot phone and it was no hope.  And that ticket photo isn’t mine either. HAHA grabbed it from Essa’s twitter.
The after party was spent in Alchology with my cousins (sorry!the photos are kind of private :D)

On April Fool’s Day, my cousin had visitors from MNL and we gladly took them for some kilid-kilid shots at Streetlow then to Mountain View.
(L-R: Hydra, LA. Shobe, and my cousin Kyle)

Those are the only “decent” pics I could find. Everything was either blurred (from playing German game and laughing too much) or too dark (because we couldn’t we figure out the SLR’s freaking flash and we’re having too much fun to experiment)

Then came the Holy Week. My cousins and I had an impromptu decision to go to the beach at 2 in the afternoon. HAHA It was so hot in the house and we were so bored and we just needed some sun, sand, and  the ocean.

We even brought home a pet jelly fish! But it died without even a name 😦 huhu

Biyernes Santo is family day 🙂 Visita Iglesia to seven churches and then lunch at Co Jordan.

We finished the 14 stations of the cross, had seafood for lunch, and the place was just so peaceful. it was a very holy day 🙂

Friday the 13th salubong. Beer pong with the wolfpack 🙂 Girls vs. Boys

Friday the 13th nightout with the Wolfpack. 

This was actually my last nighout beforee heading back to Mindanao 🙂

Mid April, I attended my cousin and lovie’s graduation! yaaay! 🙂 Well, I wasn’t actually on the graduation ceremony because it was 7 in the morning and I was still sleeping. Went to their pinning which was held in the afternoon (that’s justifying their gala uniforms haha in case you’re wondering why they aren’t wearing togas)

 That’s the last important event in my summer. My remaining days in Cebu were spent on satisfying cravings, playing scrabble or rummi with family, and then packing – loads of it. Sorted things that are to be shifted back home and stuff that I will include in my new room (yes I’m moving!!)

When I get back on May, it will be a  whole new life. and when I say new, that includes EVERYTHING. Heartaches and heartbreaks left behind, mistakes were laughed at but will not be forgotten, old friends remain but ready to make new ones, and I guess it’s safe to say that I’m closer to where I’m supposed to be than yesterday.



February 7, 2012

Story of my life..

whaddup mah peeps!! So yesterday, I experimented with my hair again. Dyed it in flaxen 😉

I was actually aiming for golden brown or ash blonde locks.. But it turned out to be okay. Still happy 🙂

And today, I had food and retail therapy because I’ve been spending months just inside the house. Long story short, I took an off-sem so I basically have 6 months of “vacation” til I go back to school.

After dyeing my hair yesterday, I finally realized that my brows need the pampering they deserve. So I went to the salon today and had it threaded and re-shaped 🙂 By the way, it was really painful!!!!!!! The last time I had threading was two months ago. I was basically crying the whole time HAHA
Also, I went around the mall by myself so I ended up buying whatever I find pleasant to my eyes. One day millionaire. Now I’m broke and back to bumming.

Happy dappy 🙂 was satisfied with my brows! I even gave tip to my err.. what do you call them? “stylist” HAHA

Then I went to Bo’s coffee shop to meet up with a good friend of mine, Christine and talked for ours. Then on the way home (she gave me a ride), we dropped by our plaza to eat street food. Their kwek kwek (or Quail’s egg) isn’t too yummy! But it was my first time to eat fried isaw –chicken’s intestine  (I used to eat only the grilled ones). Twas really good!
No pics to show by the way since I was busy eating HAHA

There you have it! I’ve been missing in action coz I went to my mom’s hometown, Dipolog City. Just got home last Sunday. Will make a separate post about my trip.

Bye for now.



January 24, 2012

My checklist

October 28, 2011

I’ve been to places :)

October’s almost over and it’s time to make a timeline post -not really. More like a whereabouts post 😉

As we all know, October’s the Breast Cancer awareness month and it’s celebrated around the globe by different organizations.
One if it is Think Pink (insert pink ribbon here)

Remember when I told you my Aunt from Vienna arrived? Well yes, this is her with me as we sat on the grass at the IT Park grounds listening to live music. One of  Think Pink’s activities for their campaign to fight the big C.

We loved the local band, The Wonggoys who rendered very nice songs! I went crazy when they sang Lionel Richie‘s “All Night Long”
I suddenly felt like I was in Coachella. HAHA Their original songs are nice too. You guys should check ’em out and might as well support local talents 😉

So sorry for the poor photos. I’ve been wanting to have a descent camera but I’m out of budget. I always trust my sony cybershot phone for my blog pics.

Anyway, October also means sembreak. But for a nursing student like me, you can’t have sembreak if you won’t serve your extension/duty replacements.

As an extensionist, I was asked to participate a Moonwalk from Ayala Center Cebu to Asiatown IT Park. I didn’t know it was for the Breast Cancer awareness month until I got to the venue.  Everyone wore pink and a lot of people participated. We even did the human ribbon in which they said to be the biggest. I never actually had time to check the newspaper but we were told that our picture would be put on local and national papers.

So here’s the campaign ad but I’m sad that I couldn’t find a photo of our human ribbon. I’ve searched and googled.
But I found an article about it from The Philippine Star. Click here to read.

So much about the Think Pink 🙂 let’s move on to malling and celebrations.

I went to the mall with my cousins and niece days ago because FINALLY Kyle bought a Blackberry out of his salary 🙂

Then just recently, my cousin Bea and I passed our thesis final defense! 😀 that’s my group right there along with our panelists.
We had a mini family picnic at IT Park the night we had our defense to celebrate.

I took  this photo last August and finally, Krispy Kreme opened last err.. exact date forgotten but I’m certain it opened last week in Ayala and IT Park HAHA!

taaaaahdaaaaah! these were the people in Ayala during the first day. I haven’t actually been to any KK branch here in Cebu because I definitely don’t want to test my patience. HAHA and I’ve actually liked doughnuts covered in confectioner’s sugar.
Although you can’t really deny, KK has the best honey glazed doughnuts and their oreo and kitkat flavours.. TO DIE FOR.

last Monday, we surprised our good friend Hannah on her 20th birthday. Bought her extra big red velvet cupcakes in Leona’s haha

There you go! post was a bit long but if you were reading until this line, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!



October 9, 2011


I  went to DENTALAND Ayala Center Cebu last week because I HAD to wear retainers.

I wore braces for almost FOUR years.

So when it was taken off last January, I couldn’t find words to describe how ecstatic I was 😀

But few months later, my teeth cracked so I HAVE TO wear retainers. FUNCTIONAL retainers. I couldn’t wear the invisible ones or the ones with the metal placed at the back of your teeth coz I have to return every month for adjustments.

Place was really nice! I absolutely like their pink-gray what-do-you-call-that-couch 😀
By the way, if you wanna check out their services, you can check out their facebook page here.

TAAAAAHDAAAAH! After 2 days, I’m back to being metal molared. I hope this will be the last time! XX

One last thing! This is my look for this day. hype it at