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December 14, 2011

CRACK! Goes my nails

I know you guys have heard about shatter/crack nail polish.
I’ve been dying to try those so when my mom went to SG, she bought me an OPI shatter and my friend Myka also gave me one on my birthday 🙂

My birthday nails! 🙂 I used Forever 21’s red nail polish as base before putting on the gold shatter. It was kind of hard because the consistency is thick due to the glitters.

See.. I have yet to perfect putting it.

The lavender base and the black shatter I used here are all gifts from my good friend Myka. She purchased it on The Face Shop. So psyched to know that FS has shatter already! and also this other Korean store, Etude House.

This last one right here is a combination of yellow and brown. The shatter I used is a Hong Kong brand which my lovie Essa bought during her vacation last November.

So there you go! My obsession to nail polish has become intense because of shatter/crack and matte. I am also trying to get this other kind of polish where the coat looks like foil in your nails.
(Photo below is from google)

will make a separate post about it 😉
Bye for now.