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May 9, 2012

DiY Shorts part deux

Remember this photo? 🙂 yes.. My DiY distressed shorts that I blogged about here:

SOOOOOOOOOO… I kind of got bored with it and thought that I have too many ripped shorts. So what I did was……

I cut off my polo’s sleeves since a.) I couldn’t wear it coz it’s TOO LARGE (and I just thrifted it anyway)
b.) I gave it to my mom as my pre-Mother’s Day gift 😉

I had the sleeves sewn on the ripped parts to
a.) simply cover up the rips
b.) to create a more vintage-y look on the shorts

By the way, I wasn’t the one who sewed it.. I had it done at our family’s tailor. She does really exemplary job on sewing. She was also the one who made my mustard shorts and cropped polo

Please look out for my new lookbook post 😉