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January 31, 2012

Do It Yourself! Distressed shorts tutorial by Nica Ubas

After a long hiatus, I am back with something I’ve been dying to do ever since!
So without anymore long introduction, let’s get this DIY distressed shorts tutorial started.

note: I apologize for my nails. Please just ignore it HAHA I have this bad habit of waiting for the nail polish to chip off before I get them done. Also, i’m trying to make the captions as simple and as understandable as my brain can handle.





Things you will need: Scissors, blade or cutter, needle, and of course your choice of shorts or jeans you wish to cut and distress.

The picture above is actually my shorts which is too long so i cut it off  and showed the white threads for more vintage-y look. If you wanna do the same thing, I will show you how..

Choose or get your reference shorts so you’ll know how long you’ll cut. Make sure to do it slowly and don’t cut directly. That way you’ll avoid cutting it too short. (POKPOK shorts aren’t cool especially when your butt is showing)

If you want to show those white threads like mine, all you need to do is run the scissors to the right and vice versa.

NOTE: do NOT cut! just run it.

Don’t worry if you don’t get many white threads. If you’ll wash your shorts eventually it will all come out.

Next thing is to figure out where to rip your shorts. Be sure to have it above the pocket or else your underwear or legs will show when you wear it.

Using the cutter or blade, cut a line on where you have decided to rip.

Turn your shorts and locate the tear.

Using the needle, pull off the white threads depending on how much you want.

When you’ve pulled a lot of white threads, the blue threads will thicken so you have to cut it off or you may leave an inch of it before ripping another part of the shorts

taaaahdaaaah! that’s what I meant when I said you can leave some of the blue threads

I made 3! 🙂 I don’t want to distress the other one more because I intend to put on studs (which I will of course write a different post about it)

I hope you guys enjoyed! 🙂 and if you wanna try it out, lemme know how it goes! 🙂



January 24, 2012

The Ponytail Cuff

January 24, 2012

Randominity of looks…

I got too lazy to do separate outfit posts and I’ve already got 3 pending. Then I realized  that it’s waaaaaaay long overdue so I’m squeezing in 3 outfit posts into one haha.


P.S. please please please don’t forget to hype! The outfit title will link you to my lookbook account if you click it 😉


Page 3 of 366.


  1. White sleeveless tank, Skin
  2. Various Flags heart connector ring, Forver21
  3. Guitar connector ring, Greenhills

Swag So Official


  1. Heineken Top, Mom’s
  2. Ripped skirt, BERSHKA
  3. Denim sneakers, Converse
  1. Over-sized polkadot dress, Mom’s
  2. Purse, Accessorize
  1. Butterfly Polo, Sunnyside Up
  2. Slacks, thrifted
  3. Vintage bag, Mom’s
January 24, 2012

My checklist

January 24, 2012

Trend Report: Sheer sleeves

January 14, 2012

My FIRST ever make-up tutorial (well.. not really..)

FINALLY! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this. And since it’s Sinulog and I’m not in Cebu, let me at least share to you this easy make-up tutorial.

Perfect for the girls who will go out tonite (in VUDU, Loft, or Penthouse)

for the pre-Sinulog party! :))

What you will need:

  • eyeshadow
  • eyeliner (there I used gel eyeliner and pencil eyeliner)
  • eyeshadow brush
  • your mighty hands and fingers

It’s so easy! You can actually finish this in 5 minutes or so.

I hope you enjoyed! I made the pictures as easy to look at as possible.



January 10, 2012

NEW photos of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower movie

source: Yahoo, Google, and Tumblr

read the book thrice and will read it again before the movie comes out.

Also, Check out my old TPOBAW post from last year here.

January 5, 2012

The Vow Movie

Okay, I know I am late but I watch this trailer at least twice a day and I think I ought to share this to you. (PS. I always get teary-eyed everytime. I could already imagine myself watching this in the movie house HAHA).

I’m a sucker for romantic films– tragic romantic films like If Only, A Walk To Remember, The Time Traveler’s Wife, One Day and The Notebook. *takes le big sigh* The Vow is an addition to my list which makes it look like more of a Rachel McAdams movie list. HAHA But anyway, I think she’s blessed to be always part of movies like this and I’ve always loved her. Do I still need to write why I love Channing Tatum? nahh.. you wouldn’t like that. it would take pages of this blog. HAHA

January 2, 2012

Food-a Fest

Food highlights last December before Christmas.


coconut chiffon muffins given by @kumoto

Korean ice creaaaaam! First time to try it. the vanilla and cheesecake ice cream sandwiches are to die fooor. Thanks to my girlfriend, Karen for taking me to the common USC-TC tambayan. I wouldn’t have the chance to discover it.

When my cousin Alina arrived from Vienna, she brought various kinds of cheeses. Among the variants are sheep’s, goat’s, cow’s cheeses and  even mountain cheese!
My personal fave is the sheep’s cheese, it’s uuuuber yummy! and the perfect one to pair with sky flakes is the cow’s.

When you have relatives in Europe, it’s never complete if they can’t bring Milka chocolates for pasalubong. It’s my number 1 favorite chocolate in the world (next is Merci ;)) Anyway, this time, my cousin brought Milka flavors that we’ve never tasted. I’ve always loved the hazelnuss (hazelnut) Milka. But I forgot about it when I tasted the Schoko & Keks and the Erdbeer Joghurt. Foodgasm to shorten the description.

Lychee shake at Vibes located behind Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital. It’s the next best thing to their durian shake 😉

Ber months mean that it’s the Starbucks sticker collection month. This year, I decided not to get their planner since I don’t go to Starbucks anymore. But when I saw the 2012 planner, it comes with a case. None of my sbux planners have cases so I decided to adjust my plans. So happy that for the first time in Starbucks history, they got my name right and it was my barista crush who  wrote it! 😉

The next day? FLOP. The barista was rude and I was “Nika” all over again.

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January 2, 2012

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly (AJ Rafael, Krissy & Ericka)

Okay.. I don’t really listen to Taylor Swift but when I saw AJ Rafael‘s tweet about doing a cover with Ericka and Krisssy Villongco, I just had to watch and listen to it.

These 3 in one video. AMAZEBALLS.
And I’m proud to say that they’re all Filipino youtube-bers.

I also wanna share this pahabol video.
The one that got away by Katy Perry (Cover)- Krissy and Ericka Villongco,

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